Why Do Goals Perform Like Psychotherapy?

Thanks to Carl Jung findings about the significance of dreams and thanks to my findings after precisely following his training, nowadays we know that our dreams are produced by the wise subconscious mind, and not by our creativity. The subconscious knowledge shows God’s existence into practice.

Why did God choose this strategy to get in touch with us?

When we rest we quit hearing to the ideas of our crazy moral sense (anti-conscience). God has the chance to send special details to our individual moral sense in dreams, in a representational form.

God talks through pictures because this way He can say many things simultaneously, and according to His reasoning, which relies on knowledge and sanctity.

Why is the desire terminology so incomprehensive if the subconscious details are for our conscience?

Because our moral sense must work converting the significance of our dreams, and comprehend the subconscious reasoning. We must discover out how to think depending on God’s requirements, and not depending on individual requirements.

We are unaware and outrageous. We have to comprehend the heavenly knowledge.

However, the primary reason why our dreams are incomprehensive is our anti-conscience must not comprehend the subconscious details before our moral sense. Our individual moral sense must comprehend the subconscious assistance without any disturbance of the anti-conscience. This is why we have to study the significance of the desire terminology to be able to comprehend God’s terms.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s findings and thanks to my simplifications, you can easily understand the actual significance of the desire terminology, but previously this was a big problem.

How do you know if you can really believe in the medical translations?

Until nowadays nobody could clearly comprehend the strange desire terminology and technically validate around the globe that there is a right technique of desire presentation, which is not depending on the desire interpreters’ opinion. I handled to ensure around the globe that Carl Jung’s technique converts God’s terms in dreams. The heavenly knowledge shows the value of the translations depending on his technique of desire presentation.

When we convert the significance of dreams depending on Jung’s technique we comprehend everything about our previous and our upcoming, and we have confirmations that these details is actual in our everyday life. Many things validate desire forecasts, and all the details we receive in dreams.

I handled to make simpler the desire terminology only after converting numerous dreams for many individuals who had different psychological wellness issues during two decades. This was a very difficult matter. I handled to discover out the most premiere factors behind a quick desire translation, and then care about all the other details of the desire.

This was a big advancement that hugely solved the problem, especially because I had to convert dreams extremely quick and instantly, without having a chance to read everyone’s dreams many times and convert their significance whenever I could. Nobody could wait, and they had many other issues. I was forced to be purpose and genuine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t manage to help so many individuals.

I found many relationships that solved the problem discover out the rules of the desire terminology and securely believe in the medical translations. I also learned how to get the significance of an ideal icon through research, evaluating many dreams like Jung used to do.

The reality that I found the significance of many desire signs mentioned by Jung (which he confessed that he could not understand) but not described by him is another facility that didn’t exist before my work.

I structured, simple, completed, and resolved Carl Jung’s brilliant, but difficult and unknown technique of desire presentation. You will say the significance of dreams is specific and that all translations indicate the heavenly knowledge.

Why God doesn’t talk with our moral sense when we are awake?

God cannot directly talk with our moral sense while we are conscious because our anti-conscience would change His terms with its outrageous ideas. There are many other reasons why we are educated in dreams.

God talks to our moral sense when we rest because during this period frame we quit looking after about our responsibilities and our busy lifestyles. When we rest we make a trip in the desire globe. We determine what God can see about us and our upcoming, without being depressed by other matters.

All dreams have a psychotherapeutical effect because we are competitive by characteristics and we must discover out how to relax. Our dreams try to control our crazy characteristics.

After perfecting the desire terminology you will be able to comprehend the representational significance of God’s signs in your day-to-day truth when you are conscious. First of all you have to understand the significance of the desire pictures. The same significance gives you representational details in your day-to-day truth.

This way you will have details about your truth and the near upcoming without having to rest and desire.

I confirmed that various different elements of our truth are associated, but we don’t know how to observe the points that explain the relationship available between irrelevant information, and between things or creatures and our psychological situation.

Everything in our everyday the truth is associated with our psychological wellness. Our success depends on our psychological wellness. The representational details we discover in dreams are about our psychological situation and the risks around the globe.

All dreams basically show us that our anti-conscience is outrageous and wicked, and even our moral sense is lacking because it must be developed to be able to become really brilliant.