Olla Ramlan Lipstick Available at JD.ID

126-toko online indonesia1For you who want to look beautiful lure, Olla Ramlan lipstick sold in JD.ID. Yes, this celebrity Indonesia did not want to miss to come into play in the cosmetics business. With a lipstick brand that uses its own name, the wife of Aufar Hutapea provides a number of cool lipstick colors that are predicted to be a lipstick trend in 2017.

Olla Ramlan lipstick has a velvet red color, rose brown, seductive nude, candy blush, and pink chiffon. Color matte lipstick is indeed a trend among women today. And Olla Ramlan was able to catch her as a business opportunity to “play” in the cosmetics world.

The entry of Olla Ramlan who sells lipstick is following a number of other celebrities who also sell cosmetic products. Like Aurelie Hermansyah, Inul Daratista, Zaskia Adya Mecca, Valerie Thomas, Jessica Iskandar, and Ussy Sulistyawaty.

The use of matte lipstick is mainly used by young women. Because this lipstick is durable and durable. Its use is also easy so that wearing this lipstick too quickly can look beautiful. The results are also captivating. Lips smeared with matte lipstick will look perfect. In addition, the color choices look more natural. Not surprisingly, many young women like this type of lipstick.

Another reason for our tropical country. That way if using other lipsticks, such as the type of glossy it will make unattractive when the face is oily. In contrast, the use of matte lipstick is very suitable because it can last longer.

Sales of Olla Ramlan’s matte lipstick online is served through an “toko online indonesia” JD.ID. The cooperation is due to consider the site has a wide market coverage and loyal customers. So it is expected to facilitate any woman to be able to buy online lipstick.

Especially so far JD.ID also trusted as a major online store in Indonesia. With its trusted reputation, anyone can easily order Olla Ramlan lipstick via the internet.

Olla Ramlan himself is also known as an artist who always keep his beauty. By launching the lipstick brand it feels very suitable, in accordance with his character.

Excess of Olla Ramlan lipstick contains lip matte cream so it does not cause dry on the lips. In addition it contains vitamin E is beneficial to maintain the beauty and health of the lips. The color is very strong attached. With just one sweep, this lip color will stick perfectly on your lips. Another plus, this lipstick feels light, so it can be comfortable when used.

For the price of lipstick Olla Ramlan is also included cheap. Especially if you buy in JD.ID available free beauty pouch that you can make a place lipstick or other makeup equipment.
For Olla Ramlan lipstick product is guaranteed original and original. Because JD.ID partnered directly with Olla Ramlan. So the quality of the goods is unquestionable.

Then you should choose what color lipstick? Actually depends on your needs. If for example you have been comfortable with certain colors such as velvet red, you can collect this Olla Ramlan lipstick. Yes, even if you already have a lipstick of the same color, but once felt, the result will be different.

Or you can also choose a matte lipstick with a color that you do not have. Indeed, a woman needs to have some lipstick to be used in various occasions. Because women are always required to appear stylish and stylish. By having a lot of lipstick, you just choose to use what color lipstick suitable for the event today.