Dualism Reconciled

As has been oft indicated out, the major problems between postulating a content / real physical thoughts and human body along with an negligible / non-physical thoughts, is one of connections between the two and a small issue of causality. There are in fact two-way communications between thoughts and human body / thoughts that are not really in argument. So, Huston, we have a issue.

The thoughts contains your material or person-hood. Aspect of that contains all of the connected aspects that encompass studying, remembering remembrances, creativeness (problem solving), considering, considering (including day-dreaming), information and decision-making. Now all of these actions require power and are therefore factors of framework and material and therefore are brain-things, not mind-things.

So is there anything non-physical about the mind? Is Awareness Entirely Physical?

When you were created you had lifestyle but no material or person-hood or consciousness.

Today you have both lifestyle and material, a sense of self, character, remembrances, information, consciousness, etc.

Your current material or person-hood or consciousness is your outcome. The question is, what was the feedback that provided you your material, all of that which makes you, you?

More likely as not, it came from a large variety of resources such as your folks, family, and relatives; friends, associates, instructors, and well known personalities; the printed out word from guides, publications and publications to Internet boards and blogs; visible press like movies and TV; and on it goes.

Now the exciting factor is that all of the information you get from these resources are completely non-material. You are fed a continuing flow of ideas, views, ‘facts’, and various things that in themselves have no framework or material that can be associated with any type of real physical truth.

So, if feedback is non-material, then how can your outcome, your material, be material?

The real material around studying, remembering remembrances, creativeness (problem solving), considering, considering (including day-dreaming), information and decision-making are not-things. Basically, it takes power to think a perception, but what the content of that believed is isn’t appropriate to power intake and therefore the materials are an negligible, non-physical factor. Contents are mind-things.

No thoughts mobile contains any area of your storage content or information content. No thoughts mobile can even partially think, desire, day-dream, think outside the box, understand or create choices that include adjusting content. If no thoughts mobile contains items in this characteristics, then the brain contains no real content of this characteristics that’s along the same lines of creativeness, considering, considering, day-dreaming, information and decision-making. The formula is zero plus zero plus zero plus zero plus zero is equal to zero.

It would appear that the eureka phenomena that occur out of creativeness, considering, considering, day-dreaming, information and decision-making occur as if out of absolutely nowhere. It is thus of an negligible / non-physical characteristics.

One evidence of kinds of that is that computer systems can do none of these matters – they don’t understand, remember remembrances, they aren’t innovative nor can they fix problems, they can’t think, desire, day-dream, obtain information and create choices, at least without greater route from a human.

All of the above is applicable similarly to the ‘higher’ creatures, indeed to many of the ‘lower’ creature varieties too, not just people.

It could be that this negligible material or person-hood is actually content but consists of such a characteristics, such a framework, such a material that it still can be found outside the border of science and chemical make up as we know it. I’d be very not wanting to call this any type of vitalism or a ‘vital force’ for that would absolutely brand me a turn, but perhaps it might be something similar to this strange black issue that no one can pin down even though some of it has to, if it is operational at all, be integrated into this very world we live on, hence within our own systems and minds. So maybe, black issue or something carefully related is the things of the brain – maybe.