Three ways to make a long commute fly by

Long commutes are just another fact of life for some people, but there is no reason why you should not enjoy yourself during this time.

Whether it is just a continuous train ride from one city to another, or a journey that involves several changes, there are options open to you that will push away the boredom and take your mind off what is going on around you. Screaming kids and other annoyances should hopefully fade as your attention is grabbed by the task in hand…

This the key to making a long trip go quickly: distraction. What you need is something entertaining enough to keep you interested and sane even when the bus driver announces a new delay to your journey home. Here are three categories that you can try…


Earphones are the saviour of many a disheartening commute, allowing you to close your eyes and listen to whatever takes your fancy. Do not stop at mp3s and local radio however – try out an audio book or look into podcasts covering your hobbies. There is a wealth of diversity at your fingertips, so go ahead and enjoy the fruits of the digital age.


From the height of technology, we revert back to classic crafts. Taking a craft project on to a train or bus generally requires that you have a seat, but aside from this issue, it can be a great way to spend your otherwise-lost time productively. Take your pick of anything from knitting and sewing to origami or drawing.


The classic way to while away the hours on a train is to take a newspaper or book; both of which will provide plenty of entertainment for however long you are on the train or bus.

What stops a lot of people from pursuing visual entertainment on their commute is that they will often have spent the whole day using a computer screen or generally reading, so the prospect of reading holds little appeal. If this is the case, try graphics novels or other picture-based literature such as art books.